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Fire Protection Proof Support Solutions – The Sikla Fire Protection Guidelines

The comprehensive regulations by law, guidelines and standards dealing with the preventive fire protection are permanently changed and updated. This is a constant challenge for planning fire protection engineers, experts, testing institutes and authorities.

The Sikla-Fire Protection Guidelines consider all up to date information in the area of standards, received by product tests as well as by cooperation with testing authorities and organizations in Germany and abroad (RAL/ MPA/ IBS) and provide a clear state-of-the-art orientation.

Detailed tables providing information on permissible load bearing capacities inclusive deformations of numerous Sikla products and assemblies in case of fire based on fire resistance up to 120 minutes. This ensures to communicate the protection objectives with all parties concerned during the planning process and to install approved supports.

The limitation of deflection as criteria of the load bearing capacity in case of fire according to DIN EN 1363-1 has been implemented. The actual draft paper of DIN EN 1363-1:04-2018 will consider this criteria of load bearing capacity even more specific. This calculations based on DIN EN 1993-1-2 within the confidence interval  “The plane sections existing before bending remain plane after bending” will be realistic if the expertise of an additional deflection surcharges is available. It has to be emphasized that a deformation of a support structure resulting in a “funicular polygon” indicates failure and lies outside of the confidence interval. These types of installation are not acceptable as per state-of the-art and cannot be approved.

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