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The Siconnect product assortment covers everything from simple fastening elements to complex system solutions and special products for special applications. Siconnect products meet the highest quality requirements and offer you simple and quick assembly while saving you an enormous amount of time.

We always develop the optimal fastening solution for you and your products. What makes us special: We offer the full warranty for a fastening solution planned by us and executed with our products.

Pressix CC

Pressix CC: the high-speed support system by professionals for professionals

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With our Pressix CC strut systems, assembly in the strut is extremely fast: Position the component and press the screw head or threaded stud into the strut. The channel nut automatically locks in the strut profile. The component is now securely pre-fastened and does not slip vertically in the strut. The position can still be adjusted conveniently. Now just tighten the screw - done!

Pressix CC offers uncomplicated handling and guarantees time-saving and extremely cost-efficient assembly. Take a look at our assembly spot and see for yourself!



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