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siFramo 100

Self Forming Screw FLS F


The Self Forming Screw FLS creates its own thread inside the wall of the siFramo pilot hole. During the screw-driving operation, the base steel is re-shaped and hardened to form an air-tight seal between the threads of the screw and the surrounding steel, making it exceptionally resistant to vibrational loosening and increasing fastening strength.

Technical Data

Tightening torque
System siFramo 60
Connection to Channels MS 41 35

Steel, HCP

Warning notice:
The Hilti Group recently launched a thread-forming screw under the product name "MT-TFB OC". This product is visually hard to distinguish from the Sikla original screw "FLS-F", and we would like to notify our customers that the Hilti screw is not compatible with our system. The use of this screw in conjunction with the Sikla system compromises the validity of published load data, declarations of performance and practical stability of installations. In the event of uncertainty on the supply source of thread-forming screws, please contact Sikla customer service.

Approvals / Conformity

FLS F0.03100 192512