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siFramo 80

Assembly Set MS 5P


Element for connecting Beam Bracket TKO, Angled Beam Bracket SKO, End Support WBD or Pivot Joint GE F to a beam section.

Scope of delivery

Beam Clip
Support plate
HR trimming *
M12 S 4 x M12 4 x M12 4 x M12 x 80
M16 S 4 x M16 4 x M16 4 x M16 x 100
M12 S2 2 x M12 2 x M12 2 x M12 x 80

* HR trimming according EN 14399-3 consisting of: Hexagon bolt M12 or M16, 2 washers, 1 hexagon nut


Position Beam Clip with the split end on beam section.
Install support plate and HR trimming and tighten accordingly.

The support plate secures a rectangular assembly of the bolt and prevents its shifting or bending stress. In conjunction with the HR trimming a continuous and predictable preload force is guaranteed.

Technical Data

Size range
Tightening torque MA
[Nm] /
plus 90° revolution
Fy permitted
per Beam Clip
Shear force load capacity Fz
per set = 4 Beam Clips
M12 S 1 - 30 60 / 90° 26,3 12,0 *
M16 S 4 - 40 140 / 90° 32,0 13,6 *

* The specified data relate to the worst case with flange thicknesses 30 mnm (M12) or 40 mm (M16) as well as a coefficient of adhesion µadhesion = 0,20.
A possibly operating tensile force Fy isn't included.

Steel, HCP
M12 S1.210 115843
M16 S2.210 115844
M12 S20.610 115845